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OpenCore Legacy Patcher on T2 Mac mini: stuck at early boot

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Hello all,
Since Apple removed AirPlay receiver from Mac mini 2018, I have to use OCLP on it to get it back. It mostly works fine but has one issue: it will stuck at early boot on the next boot if one of these occurs:
1. System crashed
2. Hard shutdown caused by power loss
3. Complete loss of charges of the logic board, I discovered this when I opened it and unplugged the power supply
It can stuck at boot in a few different ways:
1. At very early boot (before kernel is loaded I think) with texts on screen:


2. Shows a "fake" login screen, but after putting in the password it will stuck and propmt me to hard shutdown and restart. If I do so, it will boot to recovery and ask for a password reset.

This can be solved by booting macOS "clean" (that is without using OpenCore) and then rebooting using OpenCore. Then it boots fine and my kexts get loaded.
I think this has to do with T2 and the encrypted SSD. I know a few people using OCLP on the T2 Mac mini to enable AirPlay receiver so I probably is not the only one having this problem. Is there a solution/workaround?

Thanks in advance.

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