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"OBC: LoadImage failed - Unsupported" Installing Ventura on Dell T3500


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Hello InsanelyMac community,

I am trying to hackintosh a Dell Precision T3500, but I am running into an issue when I try to install Ventura.


When I go to select "macOS Installer" I am met with the error "OBC: LoadImage failed - Unsupported," I have tried both an online and offline installer, both seemed to have the same error.



Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a screenshot of my EFI setup and I have also attached my config.plist




My Specifications:

CPU: Intel Xeon X5570 Quad Core
RAM: 8GBs non-ecc
HDD: 250GB
GPU: PowerColor AMD Radeon R7 250X
MOBO: Dell 9KPNV Precision T3500 WorkStation LGA 1366 DDR3 SDRAM Motherboard


Thank you in advance I am really hoping for some help because I haven't found a fix yet.

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update added specifications
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15 minutes ago, Jazzoo said:

You need to provide more details about the system. Also fill your specs as per rules.

I've added the specifications on the thread. I can provide any needed details, let me know what else I can provide.

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11 minutes ago, Jazzoo said:

Your CPU is missing AVX2.0 and your GPU is supported up to Monterey. I would do a step back and try Monterey first.

I have added CryptexFixup.kext to circumvent the AVX2.0 requirement, and I am planning to handle the GPU issue with OCLP.


I am however, looking to use the new camera features that are present in Ventura, so I am looking to install Ventura.

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