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HDCP Compliant Laptop Display Survey

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Greetings, and happy New Years everyone!

I'm starting off this year strong with my Alienware Area 51m-R2 laptop which is pretty much a perfect Hackintosh at this point. However, I'm having a hard time binge watching some AppleTV+ on my internal display. The hilarious thing is that it plays on my external monitor perfectly, but not internally at all!



It seems that my internal display isn’t HDCP compliant and sometimes gives me this error message when both displays are plugged in.




Therefore, I strongly suspect that changing out the panel for a compatible one could potentially solve my problems.

(Just like how everything in HackintoshLand is a pain in the *** regarding compatible hardware.)


I haven’t found any mention on the internet of people doing this to their laptops to fix hardware DRM (I only speak English though), and I’m trying to determine what could be the best compatible panel for my computer.


Does anyone here on this forum have AppleTV+ working on their Hackintosh laptop’s internal monitor running macOS 11 or higher? If so, what brand/model is your internal display?

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DRM content does indeed require an HDCP-compliant display, and If the panel is ,,actually'' non-compliant, then shouldn't Windows be throwing that error as well when attempting to play DRM content?

As far as I know: Playback of DRM content on iGPU-only hacks (especially mobile/laptops) is not natively supported; this is due to a hardware-level limitation with Apple's GuC firmware not being fully compatible with iGPUs shipped by vendors that are not Apple (HDCP/PAVP are non-provisional/locked).

Apple's GuC firmware can be successfully loaded (with boot-arg: igfxfw=2) on systems with 14nm chipsets (and on some laptops with 9th generation mobile chipsets), and although it does help with drastically improving iPGU performance/power-management, DRM support is still known to be broken (stuttering and lags during playback) unless there is a supported AMD dGPU to handle the DRM decoder (which is not possible with laptops as macOS has zero support for mobile dGPUs).

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If your laptop is using the RX 5700M dgpu (likely as you have drm on external screens) you will need to find out if the lcd is drawn by the igpu or the dgpu and/or if it is muxed and if so can you switch the mux in bios/acpi.

If the lcd is drawn by the dgpu and you still have hdcp issues, it is probably due to a display flag that whatevergreen doesn't set right, you may have to inject it manually, but this is an if within an if scenario, so need to find out the other ones before this one.

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