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[Solved] VoodooPS2Controller kext version 2.3.x fixes wake with key press


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I have been trying to diagnose / debug an issue that I was experiencing with VoodooPS2Contoller.kext and my HP Envy x360 with Synaptics trackpad.  With previous versions of VoodooPS2Controller kext, when I would wake my HackBookPro by pressing a key on the keyboard, the laptop would wake, but it behaved as though a key was "stuck."  I have my hack configured to require a password on wake, so the password field would be clobbered by the "stuck" key and I could not enter my password to complete the wake.  The only way to recover from the "stuck" key was to close the lid to sleep the laptop and then open the lid to wake the laptop.  After the repeated sleep/wake cycle, the keyboard buffer would be cleared and I could enter my password to complete the wake.


Beginning with VoodooPS2Controler.kext 2.3.x (not sure if it was 2.3.0 or 2.3.1), I no longer experience this key wake problem.  Wake from sleep works perfectly when waking with a key press.


In addition, the Synaptics Trackpad gestures are supported perfectly with version 2.3.x.


Thank you developers!


EDIT: @diepeterpan I'm not certain, but I think you deserve the credit for this fix.  If so, thank you!

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