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ok i'm a maroon...how to unzip multiple zip files to one folder

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i'm new to osx and need to know how do i unzip a segmented series of zip files to one directory using stuffit. i select say, zip files 1-10 and they're being extracted to separate directories instead of one like what i was able to do with winzip.




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I haven't tried this, but should worl.


Go to Terminal and type a command like:


unzip -d path/to/dest//folder	<-- type a space, but do not press <Enter> yet


Drag the zip files and drop into Terminal. Then press <Enter>

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This .app is honestly the best i've ever used for Mac OS X nStuffit expander and Unarchiver just don't cut it when it comes to extracting multiple files. When you first start up the program just close the main window if you wanna do some extracting right away, then select the files you want to extract into the same folder and double-click one of them and the program will ask you if you want to create the folder it will also tell you the contents of the collected zip files, then say yes to the file creation, the desination for the folder will be where the files that your exctracting are located.




They are always watchin (>_O )

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