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Seeking Recommendations- Power Mac G5 ‘grounds up’ project

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I’ve been wanting to do an Opencore Power Mac G5 - Full ATX conversion for some time, and have recently purchased a g5 for the project. I’ve done a bit of research looked at others conversions, and have finished my first Opencore OSX ‘learning’ project on an HP EliteDesk 800 G1 - it’s left me with a lot of unknowns remaining about which components to buy for the project. 

I want it to be good. I’d like to end up with a machine that’ll serve me a long time, so I thought I’d ask the community here a few things (in an attempt to optimise things a bit). 

1. Does anyone have an opinion on what generation of CPU is the best choice right now for an Opencore Project?


2. How about GPUs? 

3. I’m after a high-end (which ever cpu generation) full atx motherboard that’s going to run reliably for a long time. And looking for recommendations here.


  a. Is it true that there’s no high end motherboards that come with compatable wifi?

  b. I’d like to use a beloved old school PCI Audio card in the project. (An M-Audio Audiophile 24/96) Is it true that there’s no longer high end mother boards that come with an old PCI slot? If so, could anyone tell me if there would be problems using PCIe to PCI adapters in an Opencore project?


Please throw me any recommendations you have for solid, no fuss, reliable, compatible components for an Opencore project. 



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