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How to make physical boot floppies for Rhapsody DR2 from the floppy images

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I need to take the images and put them on a 1.44MB floppy for installation on a real computer not an emualtor that can use the image files, any way to do this? i tried winimage, but the images were not a recognised format. any help would be great. thanks.

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HA! I have a solution for you!


You will need to do two things...


1. Download and install FloppyImage for Windows at my website.

2. Rename the extensions of the images you wish to write to floppy to .IMG


OK... here are detailed instructions:


1. Click here to go to my website.

2. Download FloppyImage for Windows (1 MB).

3. Unzip the zip file to a directory on your harddisk (i.e. C:\FloppyImage\).

4. Go into the folder and create shortcut to the program on your desktop.

5. Launch the program from the desktop and click YES when asked to associate floppy image files with this program.

6. Make sure you change the extension on both Rhapsody floppy images to .IMG... otherwise, the images won't be recognized.

7. Point the tool to your image files and let 'er rip! Insert the appropriate floppy in your floppy drive when prompted.


There you go. Hope this helps. It worked for me!





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