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Big Sur - Displayport monitor - no audio after sleep


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I've been running a Z390 Opencore "iMac.19.1" Catalina build for close to 2 years now, had no major issues with all services working aside from the initial rare VM based crash while I fine tuned my plist and settings. Recently upgraded to Big Sur with minimal difficulty however since the change I've found regular loss of audio to my monitor which is connected by Displayport after long periods of sleep/hibernation. Monitor wakes and video is fine, just the audio option disappears from my sound preferences until I restart.


I have redone all the Dortania guide pmset changes for sleep in Terminal since the update as I thought they may have reset going into Big Sur since I was also losing Bluetooth ( now resolved ), initially thought this had fixed the issue but I still get dropouts just less frequently. Restarting brings the connection back however I was hoping someone might have a suggestion on the cause or a fix ? 


Thanks, Iniko

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