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Hi folks,


I've been hackintoshing since 2017 using an i5-8600k, first with internal GPU, now on rx590. It started with High Sierra and now the machine is running Mojave.


Anyway, I am going nomadic soon and need to sell my workstation for a laptop. Ideally, I use only one laptop and travel light. There are some constraints in place, which make the choice difficult.


I'd like to dual boot linux and macOS. That leaves me with 2015 Macbooks or a hackintosh laptop. I hear that 2016 onwards MacBooks don't boot linux well and the new M1 macs neither. A 2015 MacBook is dated at this time though.


My thinking currently is to go with a 2018 or newer laptop and hackintosh it. What's the most compatible hardware? Is there a legendary machine in the field that would make a dual boot linux/OSX easier than others?


I don't care how old/new really, even the 2015 MacBook is an option still, although newer is better obviously.



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Thank you. Did I understand correctly, that all of the Dell Latitude 3xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx work well as hackbooks but you recommended the 7xxx series for portability, because I said I'd like to travel light? (by the way, by that, I meant a single laptop rather than two, which I could also do, M1 air and a linux book, but I'd rather it be one machine. How much that machine weighs is less relevant.)


So if I go that latitude route, 10th generation is the newest supported. Is there a need to look out for what kind of hardware it is in detail?

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I've considered your advice and purchased a latitude 7490 (which was a real bargain by the way) with an 8th generation i5, which I think is the i5-8350u.


The device is in the mail.I will put in a 1 TB SSD and put Linux and macOS next to each other eventually


I was wondering,  could I use the m2 SSD (Samsung 950) from my current hackintosh as is with just a different EFI. Like so:


0.) Back up first of course

1.) Get 7490 compatible EFI folder on GitHub using current desktop hackintosh, i5-8600k running Mojave.

2.) replace EFI folder of Samsung 950 inside of the desktop hackintosh with the 7490 EFI

3.) Pop SSD into 7490

4.) Boot


My feeling is that should work.



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Thanks mate. Glad to hear that the 7490 works well. The USB key is a great idea. I've always got a bootable ssd backup anyhow and also have a Mojave usb with my current refi in case I mess something up.


I've started using qemu and kvm on linux and if GPU passthrough wasn't as bad as it is, i'd go down that route. I don't think I've seen it done using an integrated intel card, they all use desktops and dedicated gpus. Anyways, that's a tangent.

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So the device is here and boy am I happy with the hardware. Thanks for that recommendation. It feels very solid. I love the keyboard and prefer it over my 2015 MacBook Pro even.


I'e got linux running fine and have started going after Mojave, for proprietary software that doesn't run on linux. I have found your guide on another website and have modified my EFI folder with that, thinking that it will just work. But of course it doesn't.


Here are the symptoms. Booting (from USB) into cover works, I can select Mojave, but the drive looks odd on the clover GUI with black and yellow stripes. Not the regular icon. I can select Mojave there and boot. When the computer boots, the apple logo and the white bar appear and fairly early into the bar progress, the computer restarts into the Dell logo. I think it might be the wrong clover version, conceivably but it could be something else.


Here's how I derived the EFI folder. I downloaded the clover pack from osxlatitude and had a look for what folders it has. Then, I went into my EFI folder using clover configurator and replaced every folder or file from the EFI with the one in the clover pack.


Next, I adjusted the bios settings according to this:



And the SSD is connected externally via USB-3. I've had an old Samsung 840 Pro lying around to try this and dd'ed my entire boot drive onto that before mokeying with the EFI.


I think I'll try a different EFI next, I've downloaded 3 different folders from different sources. Does your clover folder need a certain version to work?

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Mhhh. I played with this a little and am quite confused.


None of the EFIs from the interwebs work, they don't even boot. Nada. That's super weird.


The one from my desktop hackintosh, unchanged, boots fine until login screen but of course keyboard and trackpad and wifi don't work.

If I change my EFI with the clover pack from osxlatitude.com boot is stuck around 10 percent and stays there for minutes until my patience runs out. That's also weird. Huh?


My desktop hardware is i5 8600k on Gigabyte z370hd3 with Radeon RX 590.


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