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18 hours ago, Fadym.ismaiel said:

Hey everyone 

i am new to these and trying to install macOS on my pc i am using opencore and i am getting a black screen after a while of booting and loading files 

Hp eliteone 800 

core i5 haswell 

GPU intel 4600 

kingstone ssd 

4gb ram 


Information( in addition to the hardware you have correctly listed) that might help us to understand your current installation problem of seeing a black screen while booting with the Installer USB created with OpenCore bootloader and to suggest the next best step, would be to provide them to us in the Forum itself (no need to upload to an outside drive to find stuff you want readers of this forum to easily see here itself). The Paper Clip icon at the bottom left of this message window is an easy tool to drag and drop up to 10MB of file to share with readers to help you.

  1. The macOS you have chosen to install with the USB disk.
  2. The screen shots preceding the black screen you are ending up with. You can use your mobile phone's Camera to make jpg images or a short video clip to show us what you saw as the problem screen.
  3. The EFI Folder used to boot the USB Installer disk.
  4. The BIOS options you have selected for the installer disk to use to reach the  Disk Utility screen to find your target disk, partition and format it and to start the installation especially if the black screen occurred before you could reach the installation screen. 

Good luck with Hackintoshing.

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