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After initial Catalina install no second phase shown after reboot

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On my ASRock Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 I try to install Catalina (in order to further upgrade to Big Sur). I have an opencore EFI folder prepared on USB stick that also holds the Catalina install app.

The boot menu shown by opencore 0.7.5 presents only "EFI" and "install Catalina". The first installation part succeeds, after which a reboot is triggered but again only the previous menu with the 2 items is presented.

If I preformat my disk with HFS Journaled etc, the initial installation is done. A reboot follows and now I can choose from more items One of which is indeed the second phase of the installation. Selecting that one now performs that installation and after 10 to 15 minutes a reboot occurrs and the old 2 menu item containing menu is shown again.

When now checking the volumes created by the installation everything is APFS again.


This happens with both my NVME Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD  (2TB version) and both non-NVME SSDs Crucial M4 (256GB) and Samsung 850 EVO (500GB).


I followed an article on debugging this. Reading the opencode-<data/timestamp> it does look like it finds the APFS volumes, but after that my eyes are not trained to understand what the culprit is. This file and my config.plist are attached.


If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great!


opencore-2021-10-21-133036.txt config.plist

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OpenCore only looks for APFS drivers in Big Sur and newer. Need to set UEFI->APFS->MinDate/MinVersion to either -1 for no restriction or MinVersion = 1412101001000000 and MinDate = 20200306 (These are the versions which correspond to Catalina).
Values are listed here, it's the same on all pages so I just grabbed the first page I saw lol

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