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Are air coolers sufficient for a 5800X?

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I'm getting a 5800X this next week and am in the process of choosing the best possible cooler for it (within reason, budget around $100-150 max).

I'm wondering if air coolers are sufficient cooling for it to keep temps low even under load? All the research I do on the processor says it's one of the hottest CPUs around and you need a powerful cooler to match.

I've been looking at high end air coolers hoping to find something quiet and effective like the Noctua D15S and Dark Rock Pro 4.  https://vshare.onl/ 

  https://omegle.onl/ Can anyone with a 5800X tell me what to expect in terms of performance/temps/noise with a good air cooler? And also any recommendations for either air coolers or AIO in the price range of $100-$150 are welcome. Thanks!

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If the NH-D15S, including variants, can keep the latest Intel Core CPUs, Xeon W-2000 or Xeon Scalable in check, it can cool a 5800X.

I use one on my 165 W Platinum 8255C.

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