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keyboard does not work when shutting down/restarting macOS12

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model: Lenovo Xiaoxin Air 14 2019 iml i5-10210u
opencore EFI : https://github.com/lietxia/XiaoXinAir14IML_2019_hackintosh/releases
DSDT : https://github.com/lietxia/XiaoXinAir14IML_2019_hackintosh/tree/master/ssdt-origin
BIOS: CKEC17WW (latest)
Microcode: CKME05WW (latest)

when shutting down/rebooting in the opencore/clover select system page (or entering the bios), the laptop's built-in PS/2 keyboard does not work.

The impact is so great that I can't select the system at all. But after entering the system, the PS2 keyboard returns to normal.

When keyboard fails to work, long press and hold the power button for 10s to force shut down [problem remains].

When macOS12 is running, long press the power button for 10s to force shutdown [no problem]

macOS10.15.X ~ 11.X, shutdown/restart without any problems, [only in macOS12]

My laptop is to press F2 into the bios, into macOS12 after the shutdown, then boot, press F2 into the bios, the keyboard not working.
(but press F2 to enter the bios this moment, and can identify the pressed F2)
Press F12 to select boot, is a similar situation.

PS2 built-in keyboard not working state, the external USB keyboard is able to work.

Enter the non-macOS12 system (win10/win11/catalina/bigsur), shut down/reboot once. Select the system page of the keyboard malfunction disappears.

[There is another way to trigger the problem]
In the sleep (S3) state,  long press the power button for 10s to force shutdown.

[Try to change bios settings]
when i disable PS/2 support in the bios.
Can be in macOS12 after reboot, can be normal to select the system.
But there is a [serious problem]: after entering windows/macOS, the laptop's built-in PS/2 keyboard [will not work].
only this setting is set for PS/2.

[Try searching].
Only happens under macOS12, and forced shutdown will not trigger, normal shutdown/restart 100% trigger, most likely macOS12 changed the shutdown method.
I tried to search, such as opencore's GitHub issue, reddit, etc., can not see a similar problem, it is likely that my model unique problem?

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