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Can't install High Sierra on p43twins1600 xeon E5462

Sky Turk

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Hello everyone, trying to install High Sierra on P43twins1600 does not work, the computer restarts after +++++++++++++++++++++++ I would be very grateful for any help, I am a new Mac user My hardware configuration: ASrock p43twins1600 xeon e5462 ddr3 8gb nvidia GTS250
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On paper, your stated hardware specs are compatible with High Sierra:

  1. Xeon E5462 -> old quad-core Harpertown CPU with SSE4,1 instructions set
  2. GeForce GTS250 -> old nVidia Tesla (G92) card

Things will now depend on BIOS settings (eg: no RAID but AHCI disk mode) and bootloader model/version/config/settings. Those, you'll have to provide.

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