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Random thought I just had: Could we create a Hackintosh-like boot loader that would allow Windows 11 to be installed and run with full functionality (i.e., with access to Windows Update) on unsupported but otherwise compatible hardware?


I mean, even in the days of Leopard and Snow Leopard, the Hackintosh community had ways to enable vanilla installs of Mac OS X on PCs and have it run with full functionality, software update, etc., just like you were using a real Mac.  Of course, our methods then were crude with a lot of hacks compared to today's boot loaders, but we still got SMC emulation, bypassed EFI requirements, etc.  How hard would it be to create a boot loader, drivers, etc. that emulates things like a TPM, mask CPUID for earlier generation processors, and maybe even emulate UEFI with secure boot on legacy PCs?  In my mind, if we can program boot loaders to get around Apple's protections to make macOS only run on Apple hardware, getting around Microsoft's checks to make it think it's running on supported hardware should be a piece of cake.


Sure, we'll likely get into a cat-and-mouse game with Microsoft releasing updates that break support, but Apple's been doing that already, even as early as Tiger.  And then there's the boring ways of either doing a clean install or getting around Windows 11 requirements with Microsoft's own tools, but that sounds boring and would not allow Windows Update to run, leaving your PC in a vulnerable state.  Of course, Microsoft would likely be unwilling to provide support to those using this boot loader, but then again, Apple doesn't provide support for Hackintoshes, so that might not bother some people.  I could benefit from such a boot loader (depending on its features).  My laptop doesn't meet processor requirements for Windows 11, but is otherwise perfectly compatible in every other way.  And I'm sure there are others out there who would like to bypass other requirements, like secure boot and TPM support.  The lack of Windows Update is what's stopping me from attempting to install Windows 11 on this laptop through other unofficial means, but this boot loader idea, should it come to fruition, would enable me to consider taking the plunge.  Besides, I think this challenge could pose interesting, and given the chance Windows Update could be enabled, I think it's worth the effort.  Thoughts?

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