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[SOLVED] Laptop Keyboard Modifier Keys revert to default after reboot

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I was trying to get the new version of VoodooPS2Controller to work on my Lenovo T530 so I could implement YogaSMC. Unfortunately, this version isn't really useably with old Thinkpad TouchPads, so I reverted back to my modified Kext (v1.9.2) from Rehabman which works with OpenCore without crashing it. 


But after each reboot my changes to the modifier keys are restored to default. I've sawappe CMD and Option Keys:



My guess is that some system .plist for the Modifier Keys may be  borked. Does somebody know how it's called and where it's located?


Or can I can change the assignment in the info.plist of the TrackPad kext somewhere?




More a workaround than a fix, but I went into the info.plist of the VoodooPS2Keyboard.kext Plugin and found out that "Swap command and Option" was set to YES. After changing it to no, everything is back to normal.





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