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Lenovo Yoga C640 SSD "KBG40ZNT256G TOSHIBA MEMORY" Not detected.

mim fy

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I'm trying to install Big Sur through open-core on my yoga c640.

Everything seems to be fine but my SSD is not detected in the installer's disk utility and terminal via diskutil list.

However my Bios detects my SSD just fine. 


I tried adding:




SSD does not show up in Catalina Installer aswell.

Its not formated yet and in NFTS with Windows on it. Should I format it in Fat32 or is it fine? And how do I do it? 

Bios Disabled: secure boot, fast boot, PXE Boot to lan, Intel Platform trust technology, Intel Virtual Technology, Intel R Hyper Threading technology


Greetings, josh

is the SSD SATA or NVME or M.2 SATA? or something else?
if it is sata then it should work with CtlnaAHCIPort.kext. Are you sure you also added the kexts to the config? mayb esharing your efi can help us a bit...

Also share all your specs


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