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How to resolve this EFI Opencore problem ?


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Hello there...

I wonder how to resolve this incompatibility, indeed I need some help:

Actually I use Opencore 0.7.0 and I would to add some kext on my EFI partition and some modification on config.plist. I am using propertree for that.

I have some trouble to do that; (see below on picture).


I have replied on pop-up "yes" or "no"; the result is I cannot boot my laptop anymore; it is stuck.

Do you have some suggestions to do to fix this problem ?

Thank you.

(My laptop is Lenovo T470)


Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 17.22.08.png

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Update ProperTree

Update OpenCore

Compare your config.plist with sample.plist using OpenCoreConfigCompare to resolve issues. There might be keys in there which are obsolete. See my signature for a guide on how to keep OpenCore up to date.

I am glad that I have some progress in this matter.

But I am confusing about the result of OCConfig-compare (see below). It seems my config.plist and sample.plist are the same, not a missing on it.

I would say under PlistEdit, they are the same figure.


Do I have to do something on it ?


Thanks again.




Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 16.31.51.png

@dionnode If an entry is missing from the sample, it is obsolete or has been moved. But it looks like you have some empty children in there. I would now put the sample and your config next to each other and check "Misc" and" UEFI > Drivers" Sections for differences. If you think the sections in your config are correct then continue to check your config using OCValidate which is included in the OpenCore package under Utilites. Drag it into terminal, then drag in your config and check the results. If there are no issues remaing, you are ok.

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