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How to write in system folder? How to get old battery menu?


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Hello, like in the the formers, i want to get back old battery.menu, which means i need to write the file to some system folder.


But it's read only. I did disable SIP (in clover, and checked terminal) and did enter command “sudo mount -uw /” but nothing. How to do?

6 hours ago, Hervé said:

You probably did not restart the Finder. See details available here.

Thanks, is it the same with BigSur? By the way, can you tell me which line to add to config.plist with OC? Not sure it's same as Clover. And by the way, for reminder, what's the reason you should keep SIP turned on?

Nope, write access to system folders is an entirely different and much more complicated story with Big Sur. It's been widely discussed so don't hesitate to search the forum. But it's off-topic here in this Catalina-related thread, as is SIP for Big Sur.

It's not a matter of being too rigid, it's a matter of posting in appropriate manners for the benefits of the community and in compliance with the published rules. As it stands, you've posted a query about a Catalina-specific point in the Catalina section so if you have queries about Big Sur, even if of a similar nature, yes you are expected to post in the Big Sur section. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter of keeping the forum tidy and accurate. It's not just a large bag where everyone just throws things without order or control. A little discipline has never hurt anyone; at least out of respect, if nothing else, for all those benevolents who give time to run & organise the forum + the vast majority of members who make efforts to comply with the rules.





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