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Current hackintosh state - is it now possible to make a really working hackintosh?


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Colleagues, do I understand correctly, that at the very moment, with 11.5+, it is not possible to make a fully working hackintosh? By choosing macmodel, it is possible to have either DRM working in the safari and tv.app or sidecar, but never both - is it true?

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I don't know where you got that from, but, as far as I'm concerned, there is no particular issue with creating/making and/or running a fully operational Hackintosh with Big Sur 11.5 and later. With regards to DRM, well it depends on your platform/GPU and the apps you use. It's been true for many years that Safari can be problematic for certain streaming services (eg: Netflix) but, in that case, just use other browsers like Chrome or Brave for instance.


I've never used SideCar but I had no particular issue when playing with TV app on several of my Hacks, just not on my ageing Ivy Bridge/HD4000 laptop (green video screen). See samples below on my Haswell/HD4400 and Skylake/HD520 Hackintosh laptops under 11.5.2:




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