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Installer stuck on spinning ball

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hi all
sorry for my bad english,i want to try installing the old mac os version mojave with opencore on ssd that have already catalina installed on with opencore as well
but when i clic on install on opencore menu installer i got this verbose line first : End SetConsole Mode
then the verbose lines continue to till the spinning ball appears and never ends
see picture

tried different SMBIOS without result
any help, thankyou

my hardwars: Asus prime h370-plus

                       I3 8100

                        IGP HD630



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  • Use VirtualSMC instead of FakeSMC and try again. And add the Key "Arch" > Type: String > Value: Any. It's missing.
  • USBInjectAll is unnecessary in OpenCore. Use Kernel > Quirk "XHCIPortLImit" instead.
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