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Which BaseSystem.dmg is correct?

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Hi all,

this is somewhat strange, I'm writing on behalf of a group of users who runs mac os in virtual machines, more into details qemu+libvirt.

In a proprietary linux distro (I don't want to do market, so no name), it is possible to install a container, which should automatically download/install/setup the mac os vm (let's talk about big sur 11.4).

I'm not using it, but I have a mac os vm too, so I'm following all the developments around.

The container uses opencore as bootloader and it downloads the BaseSystem.dmg from apple servers with 2 methods. Mac os installation is performed from the BaseSystem.dmg.

Assuming that the users are not doing errors, some of them are experiencing issues with bootloops at the beginning of the mac os installation, and so I was trying to understand what's wrong.

All the hardware is emulated, so if it works for one it should work for everyone else.


My doubt is about the BaseSystem.dmg, which can be downloaded with 2 methods: maybe the installation media is the issue?

I downloaded both BaseSystem.dmg:

with one method the BaseSystem.dmg is obtained from InstallAssistant.pkg -> SharedSupport.dmg -> 0ff07e22b367f4fe0f6d2047ad5c917202716c8b.zip -> BaseSystem.dmg

With the other method it seems BaseSystem.dmg is downloaded directly, I still didn't look at the code in details.


I noticed that once mounted the BaseSystem.dmg images are different, see the following image:



Do you see something strange? should both work for an installation from scratch?

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