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Changing default browser for Mail app

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This may not be an available option, but is there a means (which doesn't require buying an app) to dictate that any links that come up in Apple Mail be opened in a different app than my normal default?

Specifics: I use Apple Mail for one business, and Safari solely for all work for that business. When I get links in the Mail app, I want them to open in Safari and not in Firefox, which is what I use otherwise.

I want to avoid something along the lines of setting up a separate account for my multiple hats, as I find myself juggling work between them on the fly. So I know that is an option, but I am looking for something that is viable within a single login.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I don't think that's feasible unless there are options/settings to that effect in the mail client itself but I can't say I ever saw any. Usually, if you've defined a default browser, that's what will be used to open the URLs once you click the links. Afaik, that's the only way for Apple Mail to open up a specific browser so set Safari as your default one. In case you ignored this, you set this up in the General PrefPane.


Without any specific browser defined as default, I believe any browser active at the time you click the links would open them up.


If you scrounged the Net for this, you probably found several suggestions and solutions (most if not all being script based) to open specific URLs with specific browsers but that's about it. Imo, given that what you seek does not appear feasible, I would suggest you simply right click your links, select Open with... and choose your Safari browser.

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