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Not the typical Facetime/iMessage problem

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Hi, I have a situation that befuddles me.  I have a hackintosh (see signature) that has been updated regularly.  I built it starting with Mojave and updates have worked perfectly all the way through the current Big Sur 11.4.  I've been able to use 'automatic updates' to do the updating.  I've been using this system everyday for audio/video production (Final Cut Pro/Logic Pro X) and everything has appeared to run smoothly and perfectly from the beginning...EXCEPT...for this single dilemma.  iMessage works as it should.  Facetime, however, is another matter.  For some people, when I connect (I'm using ethernet) I can hear them and they can see and hear me, but I can't see them (yes, their video is on).  When I connect to my nephew, we can see and hear each other when using his MacBook Pro, but I can't see him on either of his 2 iPhones.  I have a sister that I have the same problem with me seeing her.  I have another sister who has an older iPad and iPhone and we can see and hear each other on either unit.  I'm at a loss to figure this out.  If anyone has had this situation, I'd appreciate any advice.


P.S.  I should also add that I have 2 Mac Minis and a 2018 Macbook Pro and none of those units exhibit the same issues when connecting to any of these other folks.

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