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Check your bios!

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Ok, I have an AMD64 4000+...I have SSE and SSE2, not 3...pissed me off too because i just bought this a couple months ago...before the new San Diego one came out or whatever...


Anyways, I am running an Asus A8V Deluxe Mobo and i check the bios version to see if i can get a new cpu (That has SSE3). Well ill be damned, there is a new version, couple of them actually, and i can use all the new amd processors (San Diego, Venice, X2, and so on...they ALL have SSE3).


If you have this configuration or something like it, go out and buy yourself a new AMD processor for about $400-500 because i know that when osx86 comes out for real, im going to dual boot and switch to windows for gaming and i would like to have a kickass processor for it.


So, go update your bios, buy a new processor, enjoy all the benefits of OSX86 and dual boot into windows for most games!

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Easy there killer.


True, we have the developer version of OS X for x86. However, there is no guarentee that Apple will use the same security measures on the retail versions of the x86 build (We might not be able to hack it). Heck, they could even make it when xcode compiles a program, check to see if it's running a developer version, and lock it out if it is, which would effectivley kill all 3rd party programs, leaving us with older software, or only the software that came preinstalled with x86.



I wouldn't recommend going out and blowing $500 (on a new proc) just yet,if the only reason is OS X.....


If any of this doesn't make sense, just ask, and I'll try and clarify. And for the record, that is just speculation.

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