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Lilu plugin patching issues on macOS Big Sur

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Posting in the New User's Lounge as I haven't reached Newbie status yet, but here goes.


So I've been experimenting with Lilu.kext and the API. The API is awesome and I quickly had a patch ready to try. My use case only targets native/real Macs.

Source code: https://github.com/mayankk2308/kryptonite


This kext works flawlessly on macOS Catalina (tested 10.15.7), but fails to work on macOS Big Sur (testing 11.4/11.5B). To be clear, the patch itself is compatible with 11.4/5 (I tested by manually patching the target kext on disk), and only fails to take effect when applied via Lilu. A full breakdown of my findings, logs, and things I tried is posted as an issue on Acidanthera's bug tracker (awaiting response there): https://github.com/acidanthera/bugtracker/issues/1659


I thought it'd ask here for guidance as well for further visibility and opinions.

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Link update

So as it turns out, the kext load order in macOS Big Sur is different, causing the patch to occur too late. The only way for me to address this was to inject my patcher via OpenCore, which worked successfully. Now I'm stuck on just one thing: figuring out how to get OpenCore to boot a FileVault-locked disk. Even though OpenCore correctly selects boot.efi from the Preboot volume for the correct macOS disk, nothing happens. As soon as I select the disk in the picker, there's no activity. Logs don't provide much insight either. Investigating further.

Resolving the boot problems with FileVault on native Macs turned out to be straightforward, I had to turn off FirmwareDevices setting in OpenCore. After that OC has been super-consistent for me across various devices and I have been able to inject my patches successfully since.

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