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Displays outputs problems with HD 5500

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Hi all. I have a serious problem with my displays, ok my main internal display is broken so for the moment I am using my PC externally (HDMI).
1 - when I start my hack I press Fn+F8 (Dell PC) to transfer the video output to HDMI, it works and MacOS starts from my external monitor from Opencore's picker until it is fully loaded I use it without any worries. I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use the same software as the one I'm using on my hp laptop, but once I unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in, there's no output signal. My internal and external displays are both black, but on my hp it's not.
2-When I boot without switching the output to HDMI, I can't see what is displayed because the internal screen is damaged, but the backlight at least works and the default boot disk is MacOS, so I know that it launches MacOS, but after long minutes of waiting I connect the HDMI cable but no signal is transmitted (on Windows after loading the graphics driver, the monitor automatically receives the signal). I can see on ioreg that the connector is set to HDMI (00080000) I don't know what to do.
Dell Inspiron 5558
i5 5200U

Intel HD 5500/Nvidia GeForce 920M
3773869_Capturedecran2021-05-29a18_06_26.thumb.png.7ea48bf676d1e6ef848c71e91764ef71.png1859638817_Capturedecran2021-05-29a18_06_38.png.eb8fa2cf7249880f23e97fcc8a41914a.pngMacBook Pro12,1_ioreg.zipconfig.plist.zip

Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Hervé said:

With Broadwell HD5500 graphics, I would have expected you to inject additional properties to the iGPU device @2 in order to patch the framebuffer and set:

  • FBMem to 9MB (i.e. 0x00900000)
  • StolenMem to 19MB (i.e. 0x01300000)

By default, connectors con1 and con2 of BDW layout 0x16260006 are set to DP type (00040000). Where did you set con1 to HDMI type? I could not see that in your config.

i changed the DVMT pre-allocated memory to 96MB using modGrubShell like to unblock cfg lock so i dont have to patch the framebuffer. and 00080000 is the correct display con1 i saw in ioregExplorer. i attached my ioreg with my others files. i'm using a MacBookPro12,1 SMBios

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