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Hi, It seems that I can only post here although the question is more Opencore specific.

Anyway: I flashed a Macpro4,1 to Macpro5,1 firmware.

Upgraded GPU to install Mojave firmware update en Mojave also.

Upgraded to Catalina with the most recent update.

On a secondary disk I installed Big Sur 11.4

I bought an Inateck KU5211 USB 3.1 card (advertised as 10.8 and above compatible) (under non modified bootloader ?)

Under Catalina the card is not visible under system info and seems to show a disk, but transfers are not working properly.

Under Big sur 11.4 the card IS visible under system info (USB 3.1 with USB2.0 and 3.0 hub) and seems to work correctly out off the box.

Both disk have the same opencore config (in attachment)

Already tried USBmap under Catalina, both the guide seems to be somewhat different from what I'm seeing under Catalina.

(I don't seem to grasp the concepts here)


Any advice and hints are welcome.





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