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[Guide] Big sur reboot at 2nd stage installation fix

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reboot at 2nd stage installation

this happes exactly at 20% progres bar right after verbose


so this issue related to nvram

because big sur needed native nvram for installation


for who dont have native nvram

There is 3 method to fix this


1.Install to another machine that have native nvram


2.Fix motherboard nvram

but this only aplicable for a few motherboard chipset

See here Link


3.(Update install) method

this is an update installation rather than clean install

we’re gonna use emulated nvram and injecting some patch on that emulated nvram.


this fix based from @pac-man thread
who facing this issue when updating from catalina and he found a genius trick!! Link


All you need:

1.install older mac os first. At least (mojave or catalina)

2.fix emulated nvram

as per opencore guide here Link


after you fix that emulated nvram

the last step


3.adding patch

add additional value under

[ NVRAM > Legacy shema7C436110-AB2A-4BBB-A880-FE41995C9F82 ]


Type: “msu-product url”



after you done

type this following command at terminal



sudo nvram msu-product-url="msu-product-url://$(diskutil info /System/Volumes/Data | grep "Volume UUID" | awk '{print $3}')/macOS%2520Install%2520Data"

Shutdown/reboot make sure nvram.plist has created on your EFI partition. And check if “msu-product-url” value has added inside.

now you can run install macos big sur.app or update it from system preference

after reboot choose mac os install at picker

and now big sur installing on your computer and get passed 20%< at progres bar







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3 hours ago, Hervé said:

Actually, all this has already been mentioned and solution detailed a long time ago in this thread:



No credits due to anyone?

Yes but i think its more adressed tittle for who facing this issue when perform clean install


and yes i forgot to mention credits


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