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Is this system worth trying in OC? - Dell T5610 dual E5-2680 v2 and GTX 670

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The system is running Win10, no issues. It's a nice spec for its age so I'd like to try it with opencore/macos catalina.


I've been running  a 10 year old Dell XPS 8300 with a core i7-2600 and gtx 660 on Clover and 10.14.6 for a while, stable, no issues.


The Dell T5610 uses the Intel c602 chip, as used in the 2013 mac pro 6.1 and the HP z820, close to an x79 config wise?


CPUs are 2 x xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge EP) 10 cores/20threads so total of 20cores/40threads.

The gfx card is supported native up to Big Sur


My concern is it's quite a rare setup and could throw up a lot of issues.


Any advice welecome.


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For reference, here is the Clover (r5138) EFI folder I used. I can use it as a starting point to convert to OC.


The version of the BIOS running on my T5610 is A06.

I flashed the GTX 680 to an Apple firmware (thanks to Dosdude)

I had an issue with the display going blank after ioconsoleusers, even though the GTX 680 is supported oob. The issue was fixed by setting the T5610 BIOS to UEFI mode, issue happens when set to mixed legacy/UEFI mode. 

I noticed the Dell UEFI logo did not display at power on when set to legacy/UEFI mode and does when in UEFI only mode.

GTX 680 is connected via its digital DVI (dual) to an Apple 30" cinema display @ 2560x1600 res.

Bluetooth 4 via a low cost usb adapter.

I disabled the onboard Renesas based USB3 ports in the BIOS and installed an FL1100 based USB3 pcie card with 4 ports supported oob.

Dell T5610 clover r5138 uefi efi folder BS.zip

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