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Is this system worth trying in OC? - Dell T5610 dual E5-2680 v2 and GTX 670

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The system is running Win10, no issues. It's a nice spec for its age so I'd like to try it with opencore/macos catalina.


I've been running  a 10 year old Dell XPS 8300 with a core i7-2600 and gtx 660 on Clover and 10.14.6 for a while, stable, no issues.


The Dell T5610 uses the Intel c602 chip, as used in the 2013 mac pro 6.1 and the HP z820, close to an x79 config wise?


CPUs are 2 x xeon E5-2680 v2 (Ivy Bridge EP) 10 cores/20threads so total of 20cores/40threads.

The gfx card is supported native up to Big Sur


My concern is it's quite a rare setup and could throw up a lot of issues.


Any advice welecome.


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