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iatkos S3 V2 sound in installation DVD

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I'm 15 years old, i'm blind, and i'm from Poland.

Recently i started digging in to hackintoshing, and i want to install snow leopard on a few of my older machines, most notably the dell precision M2400.

I managed to successfully burn and boot the iatkos DVD on the laptop, however i can't figure out which options to select during installation.

Personally i would try to reinstall til it works, however the installer doesn't contain sound drivers so voiceover doesn't talk and my USB braille display isn't working either, and my family isn't qwite keen to sit with me for a couple hours and keep going through the installer.

Is there a way i can for example slipstream voodooHDA/appleHDA on to the DVD so that i get sound?

Thanks in advance.

The trouble with Snow Leopard today is that it's totally obsolete and you would not be able to do much with it. You would not be able to install recent apps on it and browsers for Snow Leopard no longer support most Web servers so browsing the Net will be difficult. In addition iAtkos is a distro and these are today better avoided though, back in the days, they were the biz!


Precision M2400 is basically identical to the Latitude E6400 nVidia but with an upgraded nVidia GPU chip. Given that the Precision M2400 is fitted with Penryn Core2Duo CPU, it can run much more recent versions than Snow Leopard. You can install and run a full vanilla version of macOS High Sierra on i. macOS Mojave and Catalina can also be installed with some specific tuning because those particular versions do not natively support the old nVidia Tesla GPUs.

I recommend you opt for a full vanilla installation of, say, macOS High Sierra on this old girl. You can head over to OSXLatitude.com where you should find all you need for that purpose. There is plenty of material about the E6400 over there.


This being said, if you stick with your iAtkos distro installation, I would have expected it to include some form of audio support option with VoodooHDA. I'm surprised it doesn't. But I do not believe the iAtkos setup program actually offers any kind of VoiceOver facility. That usually comes afterwards, when OS X/macOS has been installed and initiates !st boot setup.


From memory, Precision M2400 and Latitude E6400 are fitted with IDT high-definition audio; the exact model may be displayed in BIOS Info. With a vanilla High Sierra installation, you should get audio working with Lily + AppleALC + the relevant IDT codec layout-id.

Voiceover is included in the installers/recovery partitions as well, I've installed snow leopard server in parallels before and that had sound in the installer. I mainly wanted to install SL on that to play around with it, my main machine is a Mac Pro 3,1 with Big Sur so I all ready have a functioning Mac.

I may try high Sierra though, we'll see how that goes.

VoiceOver in the actual SL installer is not the same as VoiceOver in iAtkos menu for iAtkos options; I don't believe that exists but could be wrong of course.

Iatkos's installer is pretty much SL's installer with slight modifications.

Voiceover does start, because when I press cmd+F5 voiceover's visuals show something like "Voiceover on install Mac OS X window continue button has keyboard focus". The only thing that's missing are the sound drivers in the actual dvd, it's possible to choose them in the customise section for the installed system.

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