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[Solved] Unable to map USB ports - some USB 2.0 ports are not recognized

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Asus Z87M-PLUS, macOS 11.3.1, vanilla system set up with OpenCore 0.6.9.


Everything works fine - the system is stable, sleep, pm, sound, dGPU, iGPU - everything works well except for USB ports. Some USB 2.0 ports are not recognized. 


I completed the System Preparation section from Dortania Guide:

  • Applied devices rename (I only needed EHC1 to EH01 patch) with ACPI patch
  • Installed UsbInjectAll kext
  • Enabled XhciPortLimit


USBMap doesn't report any issues:



But when I start mapping USB ports then I have a problem with some USB 2.0 ports:

  • All USB 3.0 ports are recognized
  • The majority of USB 2.0 ports is recognized
  • Remaining USB 2.0 ports are not recognized.


There's nothing wrong with the mobo itself because these ports work well under Windows, I can even boot Clover/OpenCore when I plug-in a USB 2.0 bootable pendrive to these ports which are not recognized under macos. The problem is only with macOS. USBmap/Hackintool/Finder doesn't see devices plugged in to these ports.


Here's my OC config:






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Could you elaborate a bit more?

  • If I do that do I still need EHC1 to EH01 rename patch?
  • Will I still need UsbInjectAll?
  • Will I still need XhciPortLimit


If possible I would rather prefer to map ports rather than installing some additional kexts. This seems to be a cleaner solutions.

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Renaming EHCx to EH0x is a common and standard near-universal requirement since Catalina (though some Hacks still work without). So your question is kinda irrelevant.

As I said, those kexts would just allow you to split USB2 from USB3 and would simply come as an addendum to your existing setup. Whether you want to experiment with them is entirely up to you.

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I have a similar issue in 11.4. 


With my Catalina-created USBkext: Mapping is broken, only 1 SS port is recognized, and the rest are HS - though they do work at slow speeds


Without the kext, enabling XHCIportmapping in OC: No HS (USB2) ports are ever detected no matter what device I put in, but all SS ports work and can be mapped in the tool 


Used the latest OC 0.6.9 and the latest USBMap for my testing. Also cleared NVRAM and misc. Did not use USBInjectAll. 


May just be buggy cause of beta status so decided to not fuss more than I already have! 

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I managed to map my ports - in a hacky way, but I did it. I noticed that having XhciPortLimit set to true cause some USB 2.0 ports not to be recognized but all USB 3.0 to be fine, but having it set to false results in the opposite: some USB 3.0 ports are not recognized, but all USB 2.0 ports work fine.


So, I set it to true, mapped all USB 3.0 ports, restarted the PC, set it to false and mapped all USB 2.0 ports. Thanks to this I got all ports mapped. Then I generated USBMap.kext and removed USBInjectAll.kext.


Everything works fine now.

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