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[Solved] Update to 11.3.1 from 11.2.3, update not taking place


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I must be doing something stupid here but I simply can't get my system to update to 11.3.1


I'm on 11.2.3, OC 6.9:

1: System Prefs says an update is available, I select update
2: It takes 20min to download and automatically goes to reboot
3: It logs me out and then I get the black screen with the Grey Apple and the line moving across the screen (no text saying it's updating)
4: It reboots
5: Pickerlist doesn't have any new volumes to boot from (only showing what I had before i.e. Win10, BigSur, Recovery, Openshell?, Reset NVRAM). I was expecting another temporary one for the update process.
6: Select BigSur and it boots up...no mention of updating
7: Same bloody version...nothing has been applied.

I thought it may have been an OC version issue so went from 6.8-6.9 no change.

I have no idea...

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Try to clean your NVRAM before performing update.

Also ensure that you have SIP protection enabled. I had the same issue on my laptop, after I enabled SIP I was able to perform the update



If you will continue to have problems with update, please download latest version of Big Sur from App Store, create a bootable stick and then boot from stick and perform the update

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Thanks for responding but I'm sorted now.


I don't know why but the seal was broken on the APFS volume and it wouldn't do an OTA upgrade...not that it bothered to tell me.


In the end I just rebuilt the machine and am restoring selected files. It needed doing away, as I had stupidly migrated a backup over to the OC build from a Clover system which I've had running for years. Lots of {censored} came over.


Nice and clean now and working well.

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