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Broadcom WiFi Card BCM94360CDAX

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What kind of a rare WiFi card with the ending AX is it?


Kent anyone the specifications of this card?
Can the WiFi AC standard and how much MB / s data speed can this card?
I found the card built into an iMac late 2012 (27 Zoll) a1419.

BCM94360CDAX is not a card but a reference stamped in very small letters at the back of the BCM94360CD card, i.e. one of the Apple BCM4360-based 802.11ac cards well-known to Hackintoshers and whose specs are readily available on the web with plenty of pictures. Note that a similar thing applies to other Apple BCM4360-based cards such as the BCM94360CS or BCM94360CS2.


Didn't you try Google for any info at all?

BCM94360CD specs

802.11ac standard

802.11ax standard

Thank you very much, my friend ... but I looked at Google, I already knew that this card is similar to the CD and CS in the end.

But as you already said, what was printed on the back of this card was then unknown to me.


It's good that YOU, as always, have an idea of the matter and give me good tips. Thanks again for that.

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