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I have laptop(i5 10210u/16GB ram/500gb NVMe ssd/MX250/Intel UHD Graphic)

I got EFI File made with opencore, and I installed it successfully.

But I cant use my keyboard(maybe PS/2 keyboard)at once. I need to Sleep, and Wake.

And I want to use Mx250, but there's no mx250 driver in efi file what I found 

Can you tell me how to use mx250 and keyboard at once?

(I can't use english well, sorry)

GeForce MX250 is an nVidia discrete GPU of the older Pascal generation. Pascal GPUs are not natively supported in OS X/macOS (i.e. no Apple driver), they required the nVidia Web driver. Web driver support for Pascal GPUs is limited to older macOS versions Sierra 10.12 and High Sierra 10.13. No support whatsoever in Mojave and later macOS versions because nVidia Web driver was abandoned and there are (and never will be) no fix, no workaround, no solution. It's a dead-end.


Given that 10th gen. Comet Lake platforms/CPUs such as your i5-10210U laptop are only supported from Catalina 10.15.3, you're basically limited to installing/running Catalina 10.15(.3 and later) or Big Sur 11.x.


As such, you can forget about using your MX250 dGPU, it's not going to be supported. You'll only be able to run macOS on your UHD620 graphics and you'll need to get that dGPU disabled through ACPI patching in order to save your battery life.


As for your keyboard, until you tell us what hardware you have (though your laptop is probably fitted with I2C input devices), you'll have to experiment with various ApplePS2Controller and/or VoodooPS2Controller kexts. Don't expect much out of your TouchPad, it's highly likely to be limited to very basic features.


Good luck!

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