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An error occurred while preparing the installation...

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I'm building an hackintosh on Ivy Bridge. macOS sierra is currently installed and working. Cannot proceed to upgrade due to error:


An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again.


I'm using Open Core.


Installer Log 14-Oct-2012.txt

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Thanks for the reply...


Yup, I noticed the system date was incorrect due to faulty CMOS battery. So I re-did the installation this time to USB flash drive (30gb), but same result. Here's  the new installation log and my OC files. 

Installer Log 10-May-2021.txt OC.zip

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It seems that a working option for me is to install High Sierra on an APFS formatted flash drive which I exactly did and was a success. I suspected that the latest build of High Sierra installer is forcing me to install it on the new file system. 


Now my problem is how to restore/convert the APFS drive into the HFS+ drive. I've searched google a number of times and I haven't found a  way to do it yet. There is a software called APFS to HFS+ converter by Paragon Software but it is no longer available at their site.

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