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Black screen after Clover bootloader starts loading MacOS

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Hi all, I have a
Asus Q87M-E
Intel i7 4770
MSI Radeon R9 280 GAMING 3G
Sandisk SDSSDA 480G
4 x 8GB RAM
running Mojave and yesterday it would not boot past BIOS screen. I took out all USB connected devices, still nothing, stuck at press DEL or F2 for setup (and even if I pressed those keys it wouldn't budge). Disconnected SSD and HDD and it now took me to BIOS setup screen as it couldn't find any boot device. I reconnected the SSD and now it successfully loads Clover (v2.5 Rev. 5088), mouse cursor shows up but isn't moving however I still have keyboard so I select Boot MacOS from Apple HD Mojave and the Apple with loading bar screen appears, but at around 70% screen flashes and after the flash it stays dark (I suspect the OS has loaded but no display is sent out). Any ideas why this started happening and how I can go about looking for a fix? Could it be a corrupt display driver or smth?  It was working fine until last 2 weeks where display would turn off as I was working and it would need a reboot (although music & notifications were playing in the background so the OS was there). Thanks

Sounds more like a dying disk and a corrupt macOS partition.

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indeed, I just put the disk in AOMEI Partition Assistant on Win10 and it shows one FAT32 partition of 200MB followed by... 446GB Unallocated space. Is this somehow normal (highly unlikely) or was the partition table totally mangled?

Windows will not know about APFS volumes/partitions so I'd say it's pretty normal that it cannot provide details about what is effectively unknown disk space/partition.


I'd run some thorough tests on that SSD if I were you and be most cautious about using it...

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