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Weird Display after injecting right ID's for iGPU

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Hello guys i am new to this forum and i am sorry i have to instantly annoy you guys! I am posting on a forum for the first time ever.


I successfully installed Mac OS 11.2.3 on an Acer Aspire E 15 E5-576-76J8. i can't look for things working and not working because i have a big issue holding me back. If i inject nothing or the wrong ig-platform everything looks usual, but my iGPU got only 7mb of VRAM and therefore i have no hardware acceleration. Now for the weird part: if i inject the right ig-platform and/or device-id and/or manage the framebuffer in the config.plist my Intel HD 620 gets 1,5GB of VRAM BUT everything looks weird. It looks like the Display outputs some resolution like 800x600 and all colors are inverted. When i screenshot and look the file on another machine everything looks great. I tried to run a script to fix the Edid of the Display because i was assuming Mac OS was not communicaing rigth with the display but i get error messages. I am tinkering for 2 weeks now. Anyone has a solution? I use the latest OpenCore Bootloader, i downloaded all Kext latest from source and i took clean Snapshots with Proper Tree. I followed the Dortania Guide for Kaby Lake Laptops.


My Laptop has:

Intel Core i7 7500U

Therefor a Intel HD 620

1920x1080 Display

8GB of DDR3L Memory

1x M.2 SATA for Windows

1x 2.5" Samsung Evo 860 500GB (OpenCore + Mac OS)


Here is my EFI: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19gy37zIniv3mML9BwsT79JCrjX9aNmD-/view?usp=sharing


Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-09 um 03.17.12.png

Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-09 um 03.52.43.png

It's a laptop so, as suggested by the WhateverGreen user manual, you may experiment with mobile ig-platform-id 0x591B0000 instead of 0x59160000 though latter is the expected one. You should probably start by patching the framebuffer in order to set memory size to 9MB and stolen memory to 19MB. Typically, you'd inject the following additional properties to that effect:

framebuffer-patch-enable    01000000    DATA
framebuffer-fbmem           00009000    DATA
framebuffer-stolenmem       00003001    DATA

You may also try and switch SMBIOS to MacBookPro14,1.


NB: Does the problem remain if you switch from Dark mode to Light mode?

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