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Mute button grayed out Conexant CX20724 AppleALC.kext 1.5.9 Opencore 0.6.8

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Hello, mates


Mute button is grayed out. (conexant CX20724) - I tried layout 13 and 3.

I tried to make my own kext AppleALC with same result.

Now Im'm using AppleALce.kext 1.5.9 and same result.


On 4/26/2021 at 1:58 PM, narayan said:

This doesn't work.


Thanks @vltra

The latest appleALC.kext release version is 1.5.9. 


How have you got the 1.6.0???


I will try it.


Thank you @wern apfel

You can get the source code for 1.6.0 from here. I think the uploaded kext was unchanged, try this one.


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