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Lenovo Legion Y740 on OpenCore 0.6.8 unable to get to installer

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I have been trying to fix this error for the past day with no success, I have followed dortania guide for coffee lake plus laptops.

I have tried editing the config file multiple times every time from scratch. downloaded all the relevant files and still can't boot to installer i am using the latest OpenCorePkg 0.6.8.

I have also disabled secure boot in the bios settings and changed the SATA mode to AHCI.


P.S. yesterday i have been also getting the pci configuration end error.


Here's a link to my EFI folder:



System Specs:

Laptop - Lenovo legion y740

CPU - i7 9750h

GPUs - rtx 2070 maxq(disabled in the config file), uhd 630(enabled in the config file)

RAM - 32GB

SSDs - NVME ssd sn720 512gb, SATA ssd crucial mx 500 1tb.


Any help will appreciated.


Here's the error image:

WOn4fGg - Imgur.jpg

57Jek8L - Imgur.jpg

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Posted (edited)
26 minutes ago, vltra said:

add kext
VirtualSMC plugin for moment
after setting new config please reset nvram

You mean to remove the VirtualSMC kext?

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7 minutes ago, vltra said:



disable it for moment. virtualsmc.kext still required

Tried with the kexts you suggested, removed those SMCProcessor.kext, SMCSuperIO.kext and still the same issue, it freezes at the same point. BTW i forgot to mention when i was getting those errors the laptop will freeze and the usb light indicator will stop working same as before.

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