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OpenCore UEFI keeps rebooting after crash

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So if I leave my Hackintosh on for a longer time (maybe days, not sure exactly) with sleep enabled, it seems to crash in sleep, and then it starts looping into reboot to OpenCore and then goes back to sleep, and then wakes and reboots into OpenCore again and so on. I'm not sure exactly on the timings, but it does this reboot loop at least once an hour, probably more. I'm not even sure if it goes to sleep from the UEFI boot screen or it first boots into MacOS and then goes to sleep and then reboots again. Since this happens when I am not using it for a longer time. If I start to use it then I will boot it into MacOS and I think it goes to sleep briefly after booting, and then I can log in normally and everything works correctly.

All my hardware is generally from the "recommended" list.

I know there is probably an underlying problem for the crash that leads to reboot loop, but I would like to start by at least preventing this reboot loop to keep turning on and going to sleep.

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