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Greetings to the entire arsenal of Admins, Mods, Guru Devs, and the Testing Community!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything at Insanely. Life hasn’t been much lenient over the past couple of years. Anyhow, without much ado I present a strange but Gigantically Drastic Problem!



The Case History:


Some months back, I had built a Hack for a friend and it required Catalina, which I had successfully done so using OpenCore. I’m still fairly new to Open Core but Not Clover or the entire Hackintosh scene.

To configure the USB 2.0 & USB3.x ports, I followed a few guides (honestly can’t remember it all now) and also used Hackintool to enumerate, which are 2.0 and which 3.x as shown through hundreds of guides and vdos, you know where!



Part 1 :




This was the first time I faced this issue = which wiped out 3 of my USB 2.0 pen drives!


I still can’t understand how.




I began configuring the USB ports detection using Hackintool, and that moment, when I plugged in the first of Toshiba 16GB USB2.0 pen drives into the rear USB 3.0 port (blue colored), Hacknitool recognized that, that port was occupied.

The next moment, I plugged it out, and then that 16GB pen drive has been wiped clean by something.

It doesn’t show up in Mac – System Information when plugged in. Buti n Windows it shows common Error = “Device Descriptor Failed Error”



I had 2 more pen drives – which also faced the same fate, as I had somehow to fix his USB2 and USB 3 ports enumeration. I lost 3 pen drives that day! Attaching the pic too!




Part 2 :


My own personal system, which I upgraded about 50 days back to – Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wifi + Intel i7 8700K. 32GB RAM. MSI Nvidia 1070Ti 8GB Armored Edition. [I’m not into software development as a professional career.] Running Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6 latest update! However…


Furthermore, Recently I ordered 2 units of ADATA 32GB USB 3.2 Pen drive.  It had some EFI Partition. And then, a 32GB data Partition with name of volumes as well. Properly partitioned and formatted from the manufacturer and sealed and shipped.

Now, the moment I plugged it into the blue colored USB 3.0 port, it was working, I copied something to it. And deleted it. Then, after I Ejected it — this ADATA 32GB also faced the same fate -“Device Descriptor Failed Error”!




I booted into Windows, and checked using Disk Management Utility as well as Diskpart command in DOS Terminal.

The USB pendrive was getting detected …. But, It’s 32GB storage partition in unavailable or missing or hidden or ………………….



As far as I understand, something happens in OS X, and it wipes some IC chip which stores the enumeration of the USB device type – the chip that describes whether it is a storage or any other type of USB peripheral!



My new ADATA 32GB USB — I had to send it back for replacement. Pending approval. So, yeah maybe it’s a loss.


Part 3 :


The CASE Hence becomes as:


In these very USB 2.0 and 3.x ports, headphones, keyboard, mouse, USB RGB mouse pads, etc. are working fine, without having witnessed any USB or their RGB functionality getting erased, wiped, corrupted, or destroyed.

Interestingly, USB 2.0 and 3.0 external HDDs or SSDs are not getting affected or wiped or having their “Device Descriptor Failed”!



Only storage devices have gotten wiped off their storage capacity availability.



I sincerely request to Please, Please, Please do look into this matter, and help with however, It can be resolved, or fixed, or avoided. So that maybe if anybody else have faced such destruction.

I am also uploading my current EFI folder, plus pics of the USB drives.



Thus, Is there something wrong with the EFI files including UEFI Drivers, or kexts? Or is it that the Config.plist is to blame?

I’m withholding using any USB3.0 storage device into the USB 3.x ports as of now!





In hopes of hearing from the Masters of the Community and Forum!










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Thanks for taking interest.


These are solutions to problems in Windows!


Moreover, I have already seen these solutions many months before! It doesn't work!

These solutions are for corrupt partition tables, or wrong USB drivers.

6 hours ago, uzmi said:


My problem occurs when I plug-in flash memory drives in Mac Os.


Nonetheless, I fought hard for every possible solution over so many months.

And, the brand new Adata 32gb drive also didn't work at all! It got wiped clean instantaneously ! 

Here, some other chip is getting fried or corrupted!


Thanks & Regards,

Freaky Chokra

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