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Big Sur + OpenCore - WiFi agent is active but no WiFi controller

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Hello, Everybody!


Open Core 0.6.8 + Big Sur 11.2.3 no WiFi controller - embedded or USB - but on menu bar is active WiFi symbol. Click on it opens a sub-menu with a switch 'Wi-Fi on/off' in ON position and a 'Network Preferences...' on the second line.


Toggling this Wi-Fi switch has no effect and the system doesn't remember this between reboots.


On the 'Network' pane in Preferences nothing about WiFi - like it should be.


Looks like AirPor utility is active all the time. An attempt to kill airportd, sure, doesn't help - it auto-restarts...


Any idea how to fix this?

I find it normal that whatever you do with the icon's menu remains without consequence if you have no wireless card fitted to your Hack, as per the Pref Pane. Presence of the icon itself probably is a leftover from a previous situation (I understand you previously had Wifi and/or Bluetooth hardware), who knows? Anyway, you should be able to remove the icon from the Finder's bar by dragging it out while pressing [CMD] (Alt or Win key).

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Great! Thanks a lot!!!


Your suggestion really helps and solved my problem.


Thanks again!


P.S. It doesn't matter how long you are working with the stuff but is always still there a room for learning and improvement.

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