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Big Sur Stuck at apple logo without progress bar | Mi notebook Air i5-6200U | OpenCore

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Hello Awesome People,

How you are doing fine.

I am facing a weird problem with my Xiaomi Notebook Air i5-6200U No Fingerprint Version.

I am following this tutorial, https://github.com/sakoula/XiaoMi-Air-6200U

What I have done is here.

1) Downloaded the OpenCore PKG from github.

2) Using Macrecovery I have downloaded bigsur images. ( Base system and the chunklist one)

3) Open Rufus, Followed their rufus guide.

4) Moved the downloded basesystem and the chunklist to the com.apple.recovery.boot folder inside the pendrive.

5) Moved the EFI from https://github.com/sakoula/XiaoMi-Air-6200U here. I have not moved the EFI from the opencore.

6) Disabled Secure Boot.

7) Booted into pendrive.

8) First it show me one option, which is windows.

Then I press Space, it shows My Prndrive name > Windows > Reset NVME> Check NVME and one more.

When I click the pendrive name, it stuck in apple logo for ever.

What did i do wrong ? Please help me.

Thanks a lot.

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I have added number .

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