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Prior to just the other day, I've never seen/touched a 'Mac' in the 65 years of my life!!...

As an entry level experience, I'm using a 'VMWARE' Virtual Machine for MacOS Mojave, on my Windows-10 Laptop, and all is going well!!

I'm just trying to educate myself about 'Mac' systems in general. I fully understand the 'limitations' of using a VM like this, but still, 95% of

everything is working well, and is quite fast!!  I've allocated TONS of HD space & RAM for it's use, as I have lots available.  Since then, I've

'educated' myself in regards to a myriad of typical options/controls, and understanding the 'different' style of files/data access. I understand

that such 'systems; are designed to be relatively simple/user-friendly for the User, but coming from a 'SuperUser' environment on 'Windows',

I can't help myself but to delve deep!!  I've found SO many differences so far!! (Some I like a lot, and some that I don't).


As a life-long 'Windows' user, I'm used to a 'formal' structured 'UnInstall' feature for apps?, where as on the 'Mac' it SEEMS that 'Removing'

an App via various means does NOT necessarily remove all the residual components/files?? I've read about how to DO that, however I'm

surprised that 'Mac' systems do not have a simple built in  facilities to handle all this flawlessly, for example in MS-Windows to remove not

only the MAJOR usage directories/files, but to remove any relevant Windows System files/changes, as well as all entries in the Ubiquitous

'System Registry'...  This is confusing to me!!...


As a side note!!!...

I've learnt how to access hidden files in 'Finder' with the likes of [Shift] + {Command} + [Period],  (YEP! I know to be very careful!!), and have

found hidden  'data' for Apps in 'Containers', and after delving up to 11 folders deep finding '.json' files to simply modify to make certain 'apps'

registered as full versions... etc... Was all simply a part of my 'education' in this foreign file-system!!! 

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Welcome to IM hope you'll find your experience here enjoyable and informative. There are plenty of members here who are more than willing to guide you through your queries that may crop up along the way.

I am a longtime Mac user and agree it's odd there's no central removal tool as I'm always using the Windows uninstaller. Like Windows, some Mac programs will come with an tool to uninstall so worth doing a quick search for such a solution. For others, I use a program called AppCleaner that identifies additional folders with the option to keep or delete.

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