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Cant Select 'Get Info' After Windows Install (Dual Boot)....with windows drives on mac desktop.....help....very weird issue!!!!


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Hi Everyone

I have been on the forum for years but have never posted as all the geniuses on here have always solved my problems!


This problem, no matter where I search seems absolutely unique.


For years I have been running Mac OS on ancient LGA775 Mobos but they just keep going and I am up to Catalina. After having to become 'homeworkers' I revitalised my two old desktops (quad core CPU 2.85GHZ for £25!!!). The Hackintoshes are not 100% reliable when running Zoom, various USB devices etc and crash occasionally so I installed Win10. This is fine and reliable for Zooming and Teamsing but it has had this weird impact on Catalina.


Ever since the install, I cannot select get info (right click) on Catalina (Sierra is fine strangely enough) without the wheel of death and waiting for 5 minutes for get info to appear (or just having to force quit finder). This is happening on both my LGA775 rigs with Catalina / Win10 dual boots.


After taking them apart piece by piece I found that disconnecting the Win10 drives solved the problem. I made an automator patch so the Win10 drives do not mount and this sort of works.


Has anyone got any idea why this is happening? 



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