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Graphical glitch with my GT740 under BigSur (and Safari)

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Since I upgraded to BigSur (and opencore as a boot manager) one of my favourite website (I use it 20 times per day ) is unusable under Safari (updated to the latest version), but 100 % correct with Chrome or Firefox
I have the same green effect and color palette distortion on amazon, or on the bbc website.. .and no effects with Chrome or Safari that can display those Jpegs without any error.

My video card is an EVGA GT740 (nvidia) working perfectly for what I Do since El Capitan ^^



I've seen the exact same thing on occasions in Big Sur on my old Dell Vostro 200 desktop (with GK208-based GeForce GT730) in recent past. Only on pictures, not videos. Just reproduced the defect with BBC site too:



Other people with various Kepler cards have experienced and reported the same thing for several months now.




I don't know the root cause but, indeed, I've only seen this in Safari. Most likely a Kepler driver bug, I guess... GK106 chips had already been suffering from a driver memory leak that Apple never fixed; the damned Intern in charge of Big Sur development at Apple may have opted to generalise the leak! :P


Hopefully, not the beginning of the end for those last supported nVidia cards. As much as I hate to say it and it's the 1st time I do, Big Sur has been plagued by bugs like never before and especially since 11.2. I guess we can put this on the Apple Silicon integration (and the Intern of course!).

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My GTX 760 works without issues in Big Sur. You can get these for 30 to 40 $ (or used to at least before 'rona) But it may need a GOP Update so it's recognized by the UEFI.

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Given that there are no issues in Chrome or Firefox (or Brave), use those alternatives to Safari...

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