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Big Sur stuck on installation

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Hello all,



I am trying to install Big Sur on my thinkpad W541 the installation gets past the initial install page and stops at this error I am attaching a screen shot 

any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Thanks for the reply etorix, I am using latest opencore and followed opencore settings via their website I will attach my efi and another 

screen shot, I reinstalled again to see if it would load to Os screen left it overnight and found it hanging again.


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wrong upload of files

@etorix That's incorrect. K1100M and K2100M are Kepler GPUs, not Maxwell (like the K1200 or K2200M); as such, they're supported up to current Big Sur. Latter may be subject to well-known Apple Kepler driver bug though, given that it's based on the GK106 chip.

On 3/3/2021 at 9:43 AM, etorix said:

Almost there! The last line is normally followed by the OS X graphical boot.

You need to explain which bootloader you're using and how you've configured it.

Thank you both for your replies, so I should use a patched  SSDT-XOSI file in the ACPI 

No, there should be a patch in the ACPI>Patch section of OpenCore config.plist so that all OS calls to _OSI() are redirected to XOSI() in the SSDT.





This section allows us to dynamically modify parts of the ACPI (DSDT, SSDT, etc.) via OpenCore. For us, we'll need the following:

  • OSI rename
    • This is required when using SSDT-XOSI as we redirect all OSI calls to this SSDT, this is not needed if you're using SSDT-GPIO
Comment String Change _OSI to XOSI
Enabled Boolean YES
Count Number 0
Limit Number 0
Find Data 5f4f5349
Replace Data 584f5349


The alternative is to use SSDT-GPIO together with VoodooI2C kext, and then not to use SSDT-XOSI. But this probably requires a trip to Linux or Windows in order to precisely identify the trackpad and identify which of the many Voodoo kexts are required.

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