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Big Sur 11.2.2 update : complicated and painfull

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I did the update of Big Sur 11.2.1 to 11.2.2 (20D80 ) on my Hackintosh (OC 0.6.5 on ssd or 0.6.6 via USB) .

LIKE the 11.2.0 to 11.2.1 udpate I had to go via the picker to the "RECOVERY MODE" (after showing all volumes with space key) , "Install/reinstall MacOS Big Sur" , wait 20 minutes, reboot , oh what a surprise, the update volume is here .. select "mac OS installer" .. reboot , select "Mac Os Installer" , reboot,  and Tadam Mac Os Installer no longer here, so "MacOS" directly, wait one or 2 minutes and 11.2.2 was here.

Why is the BigSur update so painfull ?

Very strange fact : the FIRST reboot on 11.2.2 had one big problem : after login (accepted),  all my credential (passwords) where refused in Icloud  by MacOS even the login password used 3 minutes before.

2nd reboot : ALL IS OK, the refused credentials are now OK 



Screenshot 2021-03-02 at 09.17.30.png

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