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Thunderbolt 3 - Titan Ridge 2.0 - Z77X-UD5H

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I need some help from some smart people to figure this out.

System specs:

Z77X-UD5H-F16_Modded_Bios (f16 mod 11)
i7-3770k - HD4000 (Pure compute)
32GB DDR3-1600
AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 (Vendor HP) [PCIe Slot 1]

1x 250 GB SSD for MacOS
1x 250 GB SSD for Audio
1x NVMe SSD via Adapter for audio [PCIe Slot 3]

PCIe Slot 2: Avid HDX [Professional Soundcard]

PCIe X1 Slot 1: FireWire 800 Card
PCIe X1 Slot 3: Apple Airport Card
SMBIOS: iMac 13,2

So I swapped out the NVMe Drive on PCIe Slot 3 for this test.
Had flashed: NVM 43 Mod, NVM 50 Mod, NVM 33 Z390 Mod

But non of these shows the card in the system.
Non of the native Apple Thunderbolt drivers are being loaded, I'm guessing it has to do with this ?

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